Sample Floor Plan

All of our apartments features a large open concept eating and living area plus one very good size bedroom and second bedroom that still offers plenty of room for one or two children.  One of the bedrooms would also make a great study or office.  The laundry area is integrated in the bathroom that features an acrylic tub and shower combination and a four foot vanity.  There is plenty of storage everywhere, in the kitchen cabinets with solid oak fronts and a separate closet next to the entrance and close by in the bathroom.  The bedrooms have closets behind folding or sliding doors and in the laundry area there are cupboards over the front loading equipment.  The toilet is at the end of the bathroom, next to the window and out of view.  The sliding glass doors to the balcony or patio are five or six feet in total width.  Some units have a lockable storage in the staircase, a garage, or a storage locker in the basement.  The lockers in the basement are not yet realised, the apartments with the storage in the staircase have a smaller second bedroom than the other apartments.

sample floor plan

All meassurements in the above plan are in cm. To convert to inches please devide by 2.54 or consult table below.  Please verify meassurements before renting.  Not all apartments have this floor plan.

Table of Metric and Imperial Room Meassurements

living room4.72m4.03m18.2m²15.5'13.2'195.8ft²
bedroom 13.41m4.05m13.6m²11.1'13.3'146.3ft²
bedroom 22.91m4.05m11.5m²9.5'13.3'123.5ft²

The columns length and width show the greatest dimensions in the room. The area reflects shorter dimensions.

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