A Great Little Harbour

Great Little Harbour is the motto or slogan of Bouctouche, our home in Kent County, and it lives up to that motto.  Our apartments also want to serve as a great little harbour.  In modern days we associate a harbour with ships being loaded and unloaded but a harbour is so much more.  It is protection and it is a home, a home for the ships that carry its name proudly wherever they go and for the sailors where they return to after long voyages. It is also where you are welcomed by loved ones. Now, if any harbour is so much, it takes a lot to be a great little harbour.

The Apartments in Bouctouche

Our apartments are also meant to be a great little harbour to the people that live in them, providing comfortable and attractive shelter, neighbours and a land lord that care and surroundings in which you can live happily, where children and grown-ups can play or relax in what now still seems like a country atmosphere and yet offers the convenience of shops, services and employment within the same village.

The complex is made up of three buildings with four two bedroom apartments each.  This means that your apartment is not separated by just one wall from a neighbours, so it is more quiet than in a bigger building.  We have windowns on two sides of the room in every living room and in the master bedroom, making these quarters very bright. In many apartments we have beautiful oiled hardwood floors in the living and bed rooms and ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Others make it easy to be kept clean through laminate click flooring in the living areas.  5 GE or Whirlpool appliances and a heat recovery system in each apartment provide the technology to enjoy life, through good air, low heating costs, good food and clean clothes.  The buildings are arranged arround a central court yard in which neighbours meet and making the distances between neighbours short.  Not only do we strive to build a family like community, in some cases it is family, like two sisters living in the buildings or a mother or daughter.  

Let's Talk!

You will find us at the top of McLaughlin Road, where the city meets the country.

The address is

8, 10, & 12 Av des Vétérans Ave

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All tenants have the phone number of the owners.

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