Spaces of Green and other Colours

The apartments are the last buildings on a cul-de-sac. In the immediate vicinity are a lot of publicly owned green spaces, some of them developed others not.  Also, the beaches and the Dunes of Bouctouche with the Irving eco-centre are only minutes away, whether you go by car or by bicycle.  The Arboretum and its most beautiful Elisabeth Gardens and chapel are even closer.  So are the schools, the churches, the restaurants and a shopping mall.  Bouctouche even sports jobs and the soothing sound of church bells.  We intend to present more details of all this shortly but rest assured Bouctouche is a great little harbour. O yes, the harbour is also not far away.

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You will find us at the top of McLaughlin Road, where the city meets the country.

The address is

8, 10, & 12 Av des Vétérans Ave

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